Hi new friend-visitor, please feel free to read on or take a peek at my new blog, CP Strong:  www.cerebralpalsystrong.com 


Hi! My name is Katy Fetters and I have Cerebral Palsy. I was raised in Southern California and earned my BA in Liberal Arts from Soka University of America. I will begin a Master’s program in Media & Public Engagement at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the Fall of 2017. (I love academia!)

I am very excited to have moved into a new phase in life as a 20-something year old woman with cerebral palsy. And I want to keep writing & expressing myself as authentically as possible, while still being available to those who need support in dealing with CP as a young adult. In November 2016, I also entered a new realm of disability & technology & I talk about that on CP Strong as well. It has changed my life so much, that I felt as though I could only write about it on a new platform entirely. I hope you decide to check it out! 

I am keeping this site alive in part because I can’t seem to erase several years of my online existence, but also because I believe this blog can still contribute something positive and real to the disability community & teens in need of some answers.

As of May 3rd, 2017 I will be disabling the comment/contact form as I will no longer be actively checking this website. if you would like to contact Katy, you can do so via Email: katy@cerebralpalsystrong.com & follow related social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

TeenCP 2009-2015

I try to live out my life like any other young woman would, and my hope is to motivate others like me to try to do the same! I have recently been publishing guest blogs about other teens and young adults who have Cerebral Palsy to continually inspire those who need it.

As with the many forms of the body, I have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy (spastic hemiplegia) that affects only the left side of my body. CP is most commonly found in twins and premature births (I am included in that commonality!) Personally, I deal with daily soreness and fatigue in my calf muscles, and ankle/foot area. But I never try to let it slow me down, I just do the best I can. I work very hard to stay healthy & active to make sure my body can keep up with the demands of my mind & my environment around me. The way I choose to describe CP is that everything just takes more time and effort. As you can imagine, having patience and perspective is key in dealing with CP, otherwise I would not be where I am today! See: What is Cerebral Palsy? For more information.

To keep myself strong and focused, I try to do some form of activity each day: strength training, biking, stretching, yoga, or just walking in the fresh outdoors to clear my head. By taking care of myself, I feel more and more ready to take on the challenges of CP everyday. In 2012 & 2013, I had surgeries in both feet to alleviate stress fractures. Sometimes, I am finding it more difficult to do the things I want to do but as with everything else in life, my body is a process and I am learning to have more patience and perseverance as I move forward in life.

Katy receiving the UCP National “Outstanding Youth Award” for 2013″ With UCP Ambassadors RJ Mitte and Cheryl Hines
SUA Grad Photo, May 2015

So What?

My goal for this blog is to create a safe space for anyone struggling with CP. I want you to feel like this is where you belong, and that this can be a place you can come back to when you are facing the challenges that life with Cerebral Palsy brings upon us. Please feel free to talk with me about any problems you may be facing! If you have any questions, or just want someone to talk to about your unique lifestyle. I know what it feels like to walk around the halls with a little unwanted attention, or maybe some curious looks. Over the past few years, I feel as though I have cultivated such a cool online environment for the young adult CP community alongside many advocates, thinkers, and writer like myself. It has been such an incredible journey for me and I have all of my loyal TeenCP friends and readers to thank for the blog’s success.


  1. Daniel Lowndes

    I need to ask some question. I have mild cerebral palsy and I find my life hard to cope with.I don’t know what to do . I started to go to uni but could not cope. I can’t concentrate. is their any treatment for this.

  2. Katy Fetters

    What is it that you cannot concentrate on? Or cope with? For me, it has been hard transitioning from high school to college as well, but I just find things that I like to do to distract me from all the overwhelming things that are going on that I cant really control. Hope youre doing alright.

  3. Amelia

    Hi Katy. I’m 19 and currently a sophomore in college (and I have CP). I think it’s so cool to have found someone who has CP who is in the same boat as me (in terms of stage in life). Would you maybe want to be pen pals or something similar? Facebook works too. 🙂

  4. Katy Fetters

    Hey Amelia!
    I’m so glad you found my blog, I think its cool we can all relate. And definitely, if you havent already “like” the teencp facebook page, there is an icon on the home page of teencp that will link you to it 🙂

  5. Jae

    Hi Im sixteen and have CP (I’m in a wheelchair at the moment) I have been having a really hard time at school because I just don’t fit in. The other kids are nice to me but I never feel like they see me as an equal or a potential friend, just as someone to say Hi to. A lot of the time I time I don’t feel like I can relate. For the past few years I actually thought it would be a good idea to be exactly like my twin sister but I’ve now ended up feeling worse. Do you have any ideas on how to make this situation better

  6. Katy Fetters


    My best advice for you is to just be who you are, and don’t let your twin, or anyone else get in the way of you finding out who you are. I know right now is tough. High school is a difficult time for everyone, but I know from my own experiences, and from many around me who I know with CP has gotten through it. 🙂 Sometimes it is hard to be open about CP and how it affects you, but I have found that it is easier to connect with people if you are more open with them about how CP affects you. Maybe some people around you want to get to know you just as much, and want to be friends but they don’t know how to strike up a conversation or relate to you. Is there a club you could join at school? I know clubs are a great way to connect with people who have similar interests! I hope to hear from you, take care.


  7. Joe Mckechnie

    Hi My name is Joe I’m 23 from north yorkshire in england. I have cp and I am effected in all 4 of my libms, I play football for the north east and north yorkshire region. I also play for the England cp development squad. if anyone is from england and is interested in playing football please get in touch my email is Joe4rachel@hotmail.co.uk if anyone else also would like a chat please feel free to get in touch cheers guys x

  8. Katy Fetters


    Welcome to TeenCP!

    I love football (soccer, right) anyway, super cool that you still get out there and play sports, that is definitely my scene too!

    Hope to see ya around on here, Katy

  9. Sarah

    My daughter Lilly is 18 months old and was diagnosed with mild cp, she has right side weakness, and walks on her right tip toe, which really concerns me. She is in OT and PT and I stretch her foot numerous times a day. Do you think she will walk okay and do you have any advice for me?


  10. Emily

    Hi Katy,

    I think what you are doing is amazing. I’m a 22 year old aspiring film maker who happens to have CP. Having lived through my teenage years, I could only have wished for sites like this when I was growing up. To all your readers… disability is not a defining part of anyone, only a tool and a label from which to learn and grow. It is not who you are!

  11. Courtney Dickey

    Hey Kathy
    Frist time on your page. Im a sophomore. in high school. My problem is that I don’t understand the lesson they are going over or teaching us at that point, I ask questions but sometimes their not answered. Like in math I’m not good at, and sometimes I get lost. Lol but I ask questions no answer sometimes. Have any advice that you or your friend can give me?

  12. Heide Reiss

    Hi Katy,
    My name is Heide and I saw you on TV this morning. I just wanted to say that I’m glad you have a place where fellow CP’ers can come and vent if they need to. I have severe CP, so I can’t walk or talk, and I have use of one hand. I’m 33 years old and I still get frustrated sometimes lol, but I get through it and move on. If you have the patience, you can do what you put your mind to.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Elizabeth P.

    So twitter is too short and as you know, I’m boycotting Facebook so here’s the deal: I feel like we CPers need a chat room. You agree? I think we talked about this before but I gotta figure out how to put this into action. Oh and PS, I’m applying for a blogging position at school so you’ll have to teach me the tricks of the trade 😉

    <3 Elizabeth

  14. Steven

    I was watching live life and win, katy your hands down the prettiest/strongest girl I’ve ever seen, stay strong beautiful <3

  15. Andrea Lynn

    I am glad there is a website for teens w/CP. I wished there was a website for me when I was a teen. I am grown now and teach special education. I have mild CP on my right side. I played soccer, went to college and then on to grad. school. I had a 4.0 in all graduate programs. (I have an ED.S in Technology in Education). Thanks again for all you do to inspire others even a grown-up like me.

  16. britt evans

    hi katie i am 13 and have spastic quadriplegia cerebarl pasly and i sent u a friend requst on facebook and so can u please accpt it i would be so happy to have u as my friend on facebook.

  17. Alyssa

    Hey Katy!
    My name is Alyssa and my twin brother Robert has cerebral palsy! Thankfully, only midly. We are currently attending the same high school you went to! You are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work! (:

  18. Cassandrs


    I had read your inspirational article on your Cerebral Palsy, on your left side of the body. In addition, I had similarity to your Cerebral Palsy, when I was a toddle I used to combat style, arms pumping, legs following, favoring my left hand. I have a service dog name Butterscotch, where I used one crutch on my right arm, and I would use the services dog on my left.
    I`m working on obtaining my driving licenses, through the adapted driving course; recently, I had obtain the learner permit, through the mail. In addition, I had finished a 2 years, college, at a community college, my major was Human Services. Hopefully, once I have my driving licenses, and experience in the Human Services, I want to go back to college to obtain more degree in that field.
    My favorite past time is also writing poetry similarity to you. Here is one of my poems.
    Colorful leaves ruffle around the birds
    Blew softly to the song of the wind
    Chipmunks and squirrels play in
    Falling leaves
    As song of the wind blew
    Around the tree
    Fresh cool breeze ruffles the leaves
    On a beautiful fall night
    Colorful leaves ruffle around the birds
    Blew softly to songs of the wind
    As chipmunks and squirrels
    Play in falling leaves
    As color of the leaves blew
    In the songs of the wind


  19. Scott

    While researching a blog that I intend to start soon, I noticed an O.C. Register article about you, your mission, and your blog. I thought the following article might interest you:

    Best regards,


  20. Julia

    Hi – My name is Julia McLaughlin and I am 16 and I struggle with body image issues related to my CP. I am able to walk on my own but I have balance issues and my hand my hands do not work as well. When I was little my doctor told me that I should use a walker at school for safety. This was when I was very young so I do not remember anything before I used it. I hated using a walker! At the end of my freshman year in high school in 2011 I decided that I did not want to use it so on May 23 my mom meet with my supervisor and told her I hated my walker and then the ot had to observerve me. They told me I could use a rolling backpack. Then my supervisor and my councilor went to talk to the director to get it appovied and she told me I needed a doctors note and I thought that meant no. Then over the summer my mom and my supervisor talked and she told my mom that the director needed a one-month trial. August 31,2011, was the first day of my sophomore year but for me it was the first day of without a walker. Then my supervisor ran into my mom and she told her that there was no one month trail because the old director was gone. This event was able to happen because I worked really hard for it and i refused to give up. It changed my life because it taught me not to believe what others say about my disability. This is my biggest accomplishment related to my disability!

  21. Katy

    Gosh..to everyone…THANK YOU!!

    I feel so empowered reading your comments. It’s so nice to see all of this CP support out there, and I love reading about eacj of your own trials and struggles with CP that you are working to overcome. TeenCP is such a great place for optimism and support–and it all comes from YOU! Take care everyone. Thank your for reading. Stay tuned.


  22. Nick Jacks

    I just found your website and although I am no longer a teenager, I will soon enough have one. I am the father of an 11-year old boy with CP living just outside of Austin, TX. I am a big fan of Cerebral Palsy Family Network. I find it a tremendous resource that anyone with CP in their lives should have bookmarked. It’s a great resource already, but if you know of ANY worthy resource for special needs families, please see that they get listed. Schools, camps, athletics, dance, movement coaches, support groups… it is what you make it. Thanks for letting me post.

  23. Kenzie

    Hey katy, my name is kenzie, i am 12 years old, i have the exact cp as you, except mine is mild but in my legs rather than one side, i just am glad i finally found somewhere i can go and never be judged and get help from you simce we are foing through almost the same thing:) i never give up and i hope you dont either!!:) i have some questions if you dont mind emailing me:)

  24. Rachael

    Hi Katy! I’m a senior in high school and I have spastic diplegia on my right side. I’d never known anyone else with CP until I found your blog last summer. Before I did, I was very reluctant to talk to my friends about my CP–they wouldn’t get it, you know? But reading this blog and seeing that there are more people out there “like me” has really given me the confidence to be more open with people about my disability. I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration! 🙂

  25. Anne

    Hi Katy I am 14 and have spastic diplegia i have to wear clunky braces to school (i’m glad i can walk though) ive never known someone with cp but im glad there are blogs like this.

  26. A

    true that its hard out there my principal kicked me out of advanced classes in 6th grade cause i had surgery the first week of school i got a new principal and am now in 8th grade +reading

  27. A

    true that! its hard out there. my principal kicked me out of advanced classes in 6th grade cause i had surgery the first week of school i got a new principal and am now in 8th grade +reading

  28. A

    true that! its hard out there. i hate my clunky shoes and braces so i used to sneak to school not wearing them bu it hurt so i stopped

  29. Nicole

    Hi Katy. I’m 25 years old and a fully functioning adult with CP. It affects both my legs. I still have trouble dealing with strangers asking me why I walk funny or why I walk with a limp. How do you deal with the rude comments or remarks from others? So happy to have found your blog.

  30. Nikolai Eide

    Hello my name is Nikolai Eide I’m 17 years old and live in San Diego CA and I suffer from cerebral palsy but I try and make the best of every situation I do feel like giving up because it’s very frustrating because my cerebral palsy is mild to sever depending on the such as spasms muscle control no nerve feeling at all etc… But I’m very happy to be a part of this site and chat with everyone going through these Same difficulties and of course a special shout out to Katy fetters!!! Love ya 🙂

  31. nikolai eide

    hello my name is Nikolai i am a 17 year old i and i live in sandiego CA i have cerebral palsy its mild-sever depending on everyday situations my whole right side is effected and i have no control over it what so ever no feeling my nerves are damaged and weak bones, my body is uneven due to all this it really sucks but i always try to make the best of it! even though times will get hard for us NEVER give up im looking forward to hearing some of your guys’s stories that are apart of this site were not alone in this :)… a special shout out to katy fetters your amazing! love ya girl! <3

  32. Danielle

    Hi. My name is Danielle and I am 14 years old. I have left spastic hemiplegia and wear a brace on my left lower leg. I also have limited use of my left hand. I would really like to have someone to talk to about my disability and my struggles in school. No one else in my school has this disability. I am the only one in regular education classes with a disability.

  33. Crystal

    hi Katy im a junior in high school i have cp that only effects my lower body its very mild compared to others ive seen but i have problem with they way my body is not …equal my bottom half is very small and chickened legged and my top is heavy because it runs in my family iv just recently got braces back on my legs and now when i walk thru the halls everyone stare …i mean STARES! i feel very uncomfortable i havent been bullied with words but with these horrible looks i get i wish people would understand im normal lik them i just walk diffrent…just frustated :/

  34. Luyewanna Shuster

    Katy, Hats off to you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My oldest son who is 40 years old now, has CP. and he to has learned to adapt. He is married and has two boys of his own. But there was a time when I didn’t think he would make it to 18. He ask me one time, “how come I’m not normal like everyone else”. I ask him to define normal. What’s normal for one may not be normal for another.
    Keep up the good work girl.

  35. Katy

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for all your love and kindness!!! I am just now getting back on the blog after a long respite due to the chaos of final exams and getting surgery earlier this week after an injury.
    I appreciate every one of you reaching out to me on here and sharing your stories, both those who are teens and are not. I know how hard it can be to not have anyone in high school to relate to, especially when it comes to feeling like EVERYONE is staring at the way you walk or move your body. And although that doesn’t really ever go away as you get older, you’ll get stronger and you will learn how to deal with it better. 🙂 That is one thing I hope for, for all of you. I know it sucks, but just be patient with others, and with yourself. Confidence comes with time, and you’ll learn to take the bad days with the good! Anyways, before I write out a speech I’ll sign off for the day– wishing you all the best in life, and please know that you can email me at katyfetters@gmail.com whenever you’re having a rough day. I’ll do my best to get back to you. 🙂
    Be happy, be healthy, be you!


  36. Judge Bobby Peters

    My mom is legally blind and deaf and yet she has accomplished so much as has Katy Fetters. It is ironic but one disability some people have is the inability to recognize the tremendous abilities and awesome possibilities individuals with disabilities possess. We all can use a little help at some time in our lives. On my facebook page there is a photo of a grave marker which is a wheelchair with a small boy standing up from it reaching toward heaven. That gravesite actually exists and is such an inspiration to everyone who views it. I have no agenda, nothing commercial, no hidden motives, only wanted to commend Katy and others for their hard work and perseverance. Bobby Peters

  37. Connie Melendez

    Hi Katy my name is Connie I’m 22 with mild spastic CP I came across your blog and saw that I can definitely relate to u. I started weight training again after my 3rd surgery this year because once the cast came off I notice my right calf muscle had completely atrophied so I’m trying to build that muscle back up again but I have trouble doing anything for my calf cuz my right side is my affected side it seems like my muscle just won’t grow. Do u have any suggestions that would help?
    Thx in advance
    God bless;)

  38. Ettie L

    Hi Katy, I have just come across your blog and I have to say it has really helped me. I’m 16 and have mild CP that effects my left side mostly! I also have a younger brother who has a more severe form of CP that means he can only walk short distances with the aid of a frame and will eventually be confined to a wheelchair as well. I recently have been struggling with having CP, I had tendon surgery when I was younger that meant that my foot and ankle were much less tight and I find walking a lot easier. However in the last year I have been noticing my foot becoming worse again, this coupled with the fact I have just started college (being from the UK we leave school at 16) I have felt a lot less confident and finding it hard to keep up with everyone else. I also attempted to start a summer job but realised that standing on my feet for 9 hours straight wasn’t really the best idea. These changes and set backs really put me down, but seeing this site is amazing. Although my brother also has CP, it is still a struggle being the only one of my friends with any sort of disability. They all try so hard to understand but as I’m sure most people on here know, it is something that you can only understand fully when you have experienced it. I think your what you have done is inspirational, as you have chosen to share something very personal and by doing so you are helping so many others. I am hoping to help others like you have and I am building the confidence to become more open about my CP and set a good example for my younger brother! Thank you again 🙂 Ettie

  39. Katy

    Hi Connie,
    I think that’s great that you started weight training! I know exactly how you are feeling, I am dealing with the same issues with my left calf after surgery. I think what I find most helpful is to train my legs separately. just try to isolate each muscle group in your whole leg and slowly you should see results if you just focus on each leg. Other than that, do some physical therapy to strengthen your ankle and achilles tendon, I like to use any type of band, belt, or even towel to stretch out my foot and leg. Patience!! 🙂 Sorry for taking so long to respond, I get lost with all these emails and comments sometimes.

    Let me know how you are doing, soon. 🙂 Katy

  40. Brett Harless

    I enjoyed seeing your positive attitude on TV. I hope you never lose hope in being healed of this. There are many teachings in school saying you and everthing created is a cosmic accident. Its a million times more likely, or more, that my toyota formed and manufactured itself. I believe this hope that you will be better is the measure of faith that GOD gives everyone. Many people are led to place it in the wrong things and its stolen from them much like someone you should not befriend takes your lunch money. Many churchs even teach Jesus does not heal today or its a special occasion but, the people who get healed of multiple things believe unto death what he will do for one he will do for you. You see my beloved faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen, yet it is substance just like wind, and there is evidence. You never can see a tornado, you only see it pulling the clouds down & picking the stuff up. You see it a substance you can’t see but after awhile evidence manifests. So is the Spirit of God if you call on him in a pure heart with desire to really know Him he will answer. Not just to know Him as healer but, as beloved friend who gives comfort in all tough things in this life. I was a very drug addicted person who had done much damage to my lungs and body. I asked Him, “if your real I need to know or else why live.” He aswered me, ( litterally) he took all my addictions away, and healed my lungs. You research it , no other god can do the things millions testify that he has done. Everyone hates Him but, He loves everyone and seeks to save them. He’s the God who became flesh like you and me, only he can judge because of that. Yet his judgment is mercy for all who will. We cannot live what he preached unless he helps us but, every word he says is truth. Do me a favor never say I will have to live with this forever. ISAIAH 53 prophecied hundred of years before Jesus was born in the earth “He is despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows… Surely he has born our grief… He was wounded for our transgressions , bruised for our iniquity … By his stripes we are HEALED, all like sheep have gone astray… God layed on Him the iniquity of us all and its consequences corruption, sickness, affliction, etc… Jesus healed as many as came to Him. Remember Its by faith stand on the promise if its worse than ever tomorrow thank Him for healing you. There is a real devil and the world is getting worse because his time is short but, my God is the real GOD. I LOVE YOU ! I’m praying for you all, I’m to fighting against my body not moving totally right but, I’m better every day. Be Healed in JESUS name. Brother Brett Harless

  41. Harry Suprenant

    Hi Katy I always hated it when i was growing up in school getting picked on all the time because of my CP well i am married now 13 years i have two girls i still get the look from some people it sinks but i go about my day so take care talk to you soon Harry S

  42. Helena Crawford OTR

    If you want to learn to touch typ effectively with your right hand Microsoft windows have the Dvorak right hand keyboard built in. It takes time to learn, however speeds typing for school, college, and work. It is easy to change to/ from on even school computer. Also, dragon naturally speaking is a good voice system for typing. I have left hemiplegia and am an occupational therapist. I have shown above to many students and teachers that thought if one has only one functioning hand they can not touch type. You can do what you put your mind to it.

  43. Sara Stottler

    Hi Katy. I am 19 and I have spastic hemiparesis CP (right side). I am going into my second year of college at my local technical school. Thank you for setting up a teen CP blog; I think that teens and young adults will benefit significantly from it, as I have seen already. Keep up the great work!

  44. Kevin

    Katy i need your help i feel so hopeless, I need a doctor that *believes* in Mild-Moderate Cerebral Palsy. I am in a wheelchair suffering becuz my parents never cared nor took the time of day to do anything for me, I suffered throughout Uni and barely passed with a waiver, and my symptoms have gotten so much worse it is destroying (destroyed) my life. I finally found someone like me in IL & went to visit, and indeed their life story was identical to mine, and they said i have got to find someone who believes in MILD CP and get diagnosed. If your doctor in OC believes in Mild>Moderate CP, could you tell me whom he is so i can go there with my mom? I’m so lost i dont know where to start because I don’t ahve insurance i don’t have unlimited cash to see unlimited doctors so i have to try and get it right the first time so to speak. I too am nearby in Oceanside.

  45. kelsey Bradley

    I have left sided hemiplegia and I got bulliied a lot And just wondering how to make them stop oh and I have a exellent right punch Acording to my family.

    Aged 14

  46. Susan

    I have a son who has mild CP ( spastic diplegia) it effects him from the waist down. He has been struggling with feeling like the CP, stops him from having a normal job, having a girlfriend and getting venues to allow him to fight MMA. He has been training for years. But no one will give him a chance. He is VERY handsome, but girls tend to not give him a chance bc of how he walks. He has great motivation, 2 jobs, 2 cars and works out daily. He has a heart of gold and it tears me apart to see him slipping into depression bc he feels the CP is stopping him from having a life. Any advise would be wonderful !!

  47. Susan

    I forgot to mention that he is 22,

  48. Meghan Evans


  49. oscar

    I’m feel like that I have Wooster dour and people just say used to say just speak faster or look at me with potty and it makes me feel completely alone.

  50. Cindy

    Hi Sarah, i have a brother who is a twin that has mild cp, all I can say is really push on the OT & pt it made a world of a difference! My brother couldn’t even stand initially he would drag himself with one arm until the PT he started improving so fast. He also started walking on his tiptoes and at the age of 5 they did some surgical procedure called “realeasing of tendons” and then he was able to stand flat on his feet. I wish u the best but most of all be patient there’s still a lot more surgical procedures UR gonna have to endure with her but all worth it 🙂

  51. marissa

    Hello, katy!
    I just recently found your blog and think its pretty amazing that you’re putting yourself out there like that. My name is Marissa, I too have CP (on my left side) I just read your article about painting your nails and was wondering if your left hand had a hard time with the movements of the brush strokes?

  52. Gabby Silone

    Hi, My name is Gabby and I’m 17 yrs old. I have mild spastic diplegia and I’m finding it hard to cope with during this time of my life. A lot of kids stare at me and make comments about the way I walk. I try to be comfortable with myself but it’s hard because I have no idea what my walking looks like. i’m not the one who has to look at it. I have nice friends but sometimes they leave me out because I’m different. (i.e. leave me to walk alone in the hallway because I can’t keep up) I will soon make the transition to college, which means a new beginning for me. I want it to be a very positive thing. How do I adapt to new social situations with CP? I really want to make GOOD friends and be happy.

  53. Susan

    Gabby, I am a mom of a son who is 22 and has spastic diplegia, he too has had to deal with people asking questions and explaining everything to everyone. He doesnt like it, he wishes he could hide his disability. He has lots of Guy friends but struggles meeting a girl who will accept his disability. But his friends have been awesome. I think you will find a good group of friends who wont leave you behind after high school. Teens are always worried about image and themselves. Hang in there girl. We all have have things we struggle with, Explaining things may be uncomfortable for you but I think as you mature things will get so much easier. Love yourself and others will look past things.

  54. Marine

    Hello Katy, my name’s Marine, I’m 20 and I’m from France. Like you, I have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy (In French, it’s called “Infirmité Motrice et Cérébrale”) because I was born premature.

    I want to thank you because you help me so much. Indeed, in France, there is no “community” of people who have this disability, so I felt lonely because I had never met teen who have CP and I felt that no one could understand what I was feeling.The eyes of others and mocking because of my limp is hard to accept sometimes. That’s why, I think it’s great that people like you, sharing their experiences and advices. Thanks to this, I feel less lonely and I better accept my difference…

    I’m sad that nobody do the same thing in my country. Also, maybe I’m wrong but I feel that americans are more open-minded than the French regarding to the disability. My turn, I
    would like to create a website or YouTube videos to help French people who have CP.

    (I’m sorry for my very bad English !)

    Merci Katy !

  55. Janine

    I found this and shared it with my amazing, inspiring and beautiful 12 year old daughter who just happens to have cp. Thanks to everyone who is a part of this, I think it is just what she needs right now as she starts to think and question more about her cp.

  56. Georgia Sirec (@ssgs10)

    Hey Danielle, my name is Georgia, I am also 14 years old I have mild spastic hemiplegia on the right but it also effects my left leg. I know how you feel I was the only one in my school to have a disability until I reached year 7, where an older student had it as well. I would love to chat, if your interested…contact me on twitter @ssgs10…

  57. Nancy

    My son is 12 and has spastic diplegic cp. We live in Flatonia, Tx which is an hour from Austin. He is having a really hard time right now, kids really don’t hang out with him and he is very sad. I was looking for a teen his age for him to connect with.

  58. Bill M


    To follow up with Sarah, I am 33 years old. I also walk on my right toe(had two surgical procedures on my Achillis Tendon when I was in 3rd and 6th grade, it was only temporary as I got tighter over time) and my right arm is much weaker than my left. I am 5′ 11”, 120 pounds wet and I am strong as a 120 pound person could be on my left side, just through using my left side for EVERYTHING. I have not exercised in my teen or adult life and if I do stretch I do feel immediate comfort….temporarily. I am kinda hard headed when it comes to who I am as I totally accept me for me and I feel I don’t need to put “work” in to make me “better” as I am already the awesomest person umongst my peers. I do not exercise as it is frustrating to curl 20 pounds with my left and only 2 pounds with my right. If I did, I would be much more stronger, but I do not have time. I own my own house have a great girlfriend, make a great living and work at a call center taking inbound sales calls and I type as fast with one hand as a moderate two handed typer. I a confident, conceded, sweet, full of myself, down to earth, optimistic, organized, scarcastic and just me. All my able bodied friends(thats what I call em) love me for me. Your daughter will be just fine as long as she has a strong and willing mother next to her. I give my mother all the credit in the world. I have this light around me that shines on any one able bodied person that is struggling with daily life….they look at me and say….BillyMac….how the crap do you do it, I provide a little insight to someone each day.

    Make your daughter awesome, hope this gives you a little reassurance!


    To follow up with Sarah, I am 33 years old. I also walk on my right toe(had two surgical procedures on my Achillis Tendon when I was in 3rd and 6th grade, it was only temporary as I got tighter over time) and my right arm is much weaker than my left. I am 5′ 11”, 120 pounds wet and I am strong as a 120 pound person could be on my left side, just through using my left side for EVERYTHING. I have not exercised in my teen or adult life and if I do stretch I do feel immediate comfort….temporarily. I am kinda hard headed when it comes to who I am as I totally accept me for me and I feel I don’t need to put “work” in to make me “better” as I am already the awesomest person umongst my peers. I do not exercise as it is frustrating to curl 20 pounds with my left and only 2 pounds with my right. If I did, I would be much more stronger, but I do not have time. I own my own house have a great girlfriend, make a great living and work at a call center taking inbound sales calls and I type as fast with one hand as a moderate two handed typer. I a confident, conceded, sweet, full of myself, down to earth, optimistic, organized, scarcastic and just me. All my able bodied friends(thats what I call em) love me for me. Your daughter will be just fine as long as she has a strong and willing mother next to her. I give my mother all the credit in the world. I have this light around me that shines on any one able bodied person that is struggling with daily life….they look at me and say….BillyMac….how the crap do you do it, I provide a little insight to someone each day.

    Make your daughter awesome, hope this gives you a little reassurance!

  59. Carolyn

    Hi Katy, just wanted to know how the surgery went…how are you feeling?

  60. Carolyn

    Oops, sorry, that comment was for Annie!!

  61. adirad18

    Hi Katy

    I’m new to your blog. I want to know if we could be friends. And i’m a writer like yourself and I have some question and some ideas for you.

  62. Amanda

    I am incredibly happy to have found this site- Katy, I have a story very similar to yours, and it was really neat to see someone who actually understands and has been through a situation like mine. And here I thought I was the only one!

  63. Jimmy

    Katy, you are inspirational to me! I saw you on a program on TV earlier this month and was blown away by your maturity, intelligence, and vision for your future. I hope that you will dream big…because the universe has a great way of speaking to those who do. If you don’t, you never really know what you could have done. May God be with you and may your days be filled with many blessings. Peace, Jimmyj

  64. shannon

    Hi Britt I am 13 now and wondering if you would be interested in writing to each other.

  65. Matthew

    Hi im matthew im 16 and ive got right hemi cp how are you all im new to this forum ive never done anything like this before but i hope i make some knew friends on here i dont kknow many people around my age that has the same thing as me or anyone younger in fact so i hope i to hear form anyone soon

  66. Mick Rosenthal

    Dear Katy,
    I am hoping to Guestblog for your blog. The reason: I have Cerebral Palsy as well, mild in form, but still CP nonetheless, and have had it since birth. I now live in New York City, and would like to blog about living here, and my struggles with living in a big city like this…

  67. Katy

    Hey Mick,

    Thanks for your interest! Why don’t you shoot me an email with a plan, or even a draft post whenever you are ready! 🙂 Katy

  68. Matthew

    Hi I’m Matthew I’m 15 and I’ve got spastic quad Cp I’m looking for some friends around my age that has the same as as me that I can become friends with

  69. Matthew

    Hi I’m 15 and I have spastic quad Cp too

  70. Skylar

    Hi Shannon. I am 14, and I’m wondering if you would be interested in writing to each other.

  71. Sandy

    Hello I am working with a young woman who has CP and is isolated and would like to know how do I let her know how she can get connected with your website. From what I am seeing you can post but I am not sure how this works.
    289 252 1965
    416 938 7277
    thank you I really appreciate some help with getting her started on your site.

  72. Corey

    hi my name is corey i am 14 soon to be 15 i have CP aand i am trying to find a place to interact with people like me is this the right place?

  73. Maizley

    Hi Mathew I am 15 years old and I have the exact same thing as you do. I wear a brace on my right leg and than I sleep with a knee emobloizer at night. I grow up knowing that I was the only one with cp. it was tough at times but I made it thought. I am new to this whole thing to, I was just looking online to see what they had for kids with cp and I can’t believe all these people on the website have cp just like I do. I hope I can make friends through this website.

  74. Macy

    Hi, I am 13 years old. Same type of cerebral palsy like you I start my first day of sixth grade tomorrow I know your like 13 and in sixth grade I failed and held back twice not in wheelchair but I have a leg brace it only affects my left side it’s mild…I’m just nervous everyone states at my walking all the time..I have friends but few…it’s just hard with everyone staring …I’m really nervous about tomorrow

  75. Matthew

    Hi corey are you there

  76. Handling Your Cerebral Palsy When Meeting New People - Zachary Fenell- Author & Online Freelancer

    […] (September 30th) #CPChatNow welcomes accomplished cerebral palsy blogger Katy Fetters to lead a Twitter chat titled “Introducing Your Cerebral Palsy When Meeting New People.” Join […]

  77. dnasca118

    Susan, I realize this comment is over two years old but I wanted to know how your son is doing. I am a 25 year old MMA fighter with CP and I would love to connect. If you see this please visit TeamNasca.com or find us on Twitter @TeamNasca or Facebook.com/TeamNasca

    Hope to hear from you soon! -Daniel

  78. Isabela

    Hi Jae,
    I’m 20 and what you describe is avery real problem that I remember having in high school and still in university. The best way to go about it in my opinion is to first think about how you feel around a completely new situation. For example, I have CP and I often find myself unconsciously staring or feeling uncertain about how to act around people with different disabilities. You have to keep in mind that though they may have seen someone in a wheelchair before, each person is unique and moves, talks, and acts differently. They may not know exactly what comes with hanging out with you, they make think they need to go out of their way to accommodate to your needs. They don’t know if you can party (I know it sounds ridiculous) or if you go shopping and to the movies like everybody else. That said, I would just crack a joke (but don’t try to force the situation) or start a casual conversation (literally small talk about the weather or fashion, whatever) and build up from there. Mention things you like in common, stuff you really enjoy and that will eventually (over weeks or months) could become a thing you could do together. Ex, talk about what kind of films you like, eventually you can go watch a film at the cinema together, which is great because you don’t need to spend all that time in conversation while you both try to figure out what to say to each other:)
    Most important thing is to go slowly. People need time when something is new to them.
    Good luck!

  79. Dakotah

    Hi Katy! My name is Dakotah! I am 19 years old and have cerebral palsy. I am in a wheelchair and speak using a Dynavox. I have a great family that include two younger siblings! How many brothers and sisters do you have?

    I am a happy person with a pretty good life! However, I do have some challenges, like not always having choices, not being able to go where I want to go or say what I want to say. Sometimes people treat me like I am a baby, or like I am not in here thinking like a 19 year old! Other people will ignore me. It would be nice if people at school looked at me and said ‘hello”. I would love to meet other people like me! Dakotah

  80. Abbie

    I’m 18 and have just finished my A levels in health and social care, I’ve struggled all my life to fit in and only have one friend that who tries her best to understand what I’m going through but it’s harder for her to relate to things I tell her because although she’s there for me people kind of need to experience it to truly understand the affects of it and how it makes you feel I’m thinking of learning to drive but I’m really nervous because my reaction times are really slow and I’m uncomfortable around people I don’t know, I have also been brought up not to look at myself as having a disability but the general public just see me as disabled and it’s affecting my chances in jobs (although they don’t directly say anything about my disability they just find other excuses) it would be really nice to speak to people who have been or are currently in my situation

  81. kerry

    Hi….I have literally just seen this site and think its a great way to talk about things. My daughter was diagnosed with mild right sided CP when she was 2 and half. She is now 14!….Like you I did daily and evening stretches and still continue to do so, although she does herself mainly now, but from the day we begun her physio and OT, I have always encouraged an active life style…..swimming….parks, where we used to practice on the little steps of the slide, in door activity places and lots of walks out. Obviously this was a struggle and still is a struggle for my daughter at times but with lots of encouragement and long soaks in a bubble bath!….it has helped her greatly. x

  82. C.G

    Um… Hi.. I’m 19..i have CP.. And I wanted to go try out surgery…my doctor promised it when I was a baby but when I turned 18 he said no. I’m in high school my last year… I don’t want the unwanted stares and question and to be picked on anymore. Like I cry alot cause of it. My teacher kept constantly begging me to change my academy from Health because she said my legs and I wouldn’t be able to stand long. My grandma expects me not to go to college. Only live with her and call that my life. Do you think I should go for the surgery or is it too late for me to even try it?.

  83. Terri stajger

    Hi. I have a niece Aubrei who is 15 years old. She is in high school and has an aid. The school would like to have her use a walker but she wants no part of it. Any suggestions on how to let her know they are trying to help and would like to give her more freedom and independence?

  84. Phoebe

    Hi Katy,
    My name is Phoebe, I have a twin and we were born premature. She is normal, while I have spastic hemiplegia. So far, the right side of my body works well, except the leg, which is why I walk tiptoed.

    I thank you personally, because your blog really inspired me in living my everyday life, and it made me think of my condition not as a challenge, but as a gift.

  85. jazzy

    I’m 16 and im a sophmore in highschool and i have CP on my right side. My right arm is fine because I’ve done pt on it. I’ve done pts on my leg and foot too. I still have problems with it but it’s not too bad.
    I’ve been wanting to get back to cheerleaders even though it’s been 5 years because I had to stop because I was moving a lot and just never stayed long enough.
    So I had brought up how I have been walking a lot better an everything to my mama and said that I wanted to start doing cheer again she said she’s think about it but she has concerns. Which I’m not surprised by… but then a few hours later she told me how in a point in my life I won’t be able to walk again…. and that scares me because I’m a straight A student and I want to become a teacher….
    How long do you think I have until I can’t walk again…. will cheer speed that up???

  86. Denise Nelson

    Hi..my name is Denise. My daughter has mild CP..left hemi. Aljonae is a twin, And has a shunt. She has never looked at her disability as an inability. She is done with the DAFO brace, and has to wear a shoe lift on the left foot. She wears a bamboo elbow brace too, but prefers to put her arm down herself. Aljonae is in the 11th grade and just went on her junior prom. She makes me proud everyday