As I write, whether it is online or in my personal journal, I notice some common themes that I tend to gravitate toward in relation to how my body and its physical limitations has shaped my beliefs and values…here are some of core ideas that have allowed me to appreciate my CP for what it is as I become an adult. I hope whether you deal with a disability or not, you relate to some of these ideas and choose to live in a way that is productive to your overall being. My experiences have taught me this:

Life is about perspective: Only you can decide how your CP defines your identity, your happiness, your growth

Disability is diversity: This idea creates more of an awareness about your body; you are diverse, own it

Everything is relative: Limitations are like guidelines, use your ability to adapt and be resilient

People fear what they do not understand: Educate your peers about your CP. Turn their judgment or curiosity into understanding

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  1. Anna Anderson

    Hi, my name is Anna. I am 24 years old and I have CP on my left side